About me

Hi, I’m Rob. I can’t wait to help you achieve balance a live a healthier and happier life.

"After 20 years of coaching others towards achieving balance and living healthier and happier lives, I have now made my signature program H360 available online so that anyone with an internet connection can participate."

Hi, I’m Rob, and I am the creator of Holistic 360 (H360) - a holistic health and lifestyle solution to achieving balance and living your healthiest and happiest life. 

And before you jump to any conclusions, let me clarify… No I haven’t lost a massive amount of weight, nor have I overcome cancer or any other life threatening disease… And no I haven’t been on that bachelor tv show either! I am just a normal guy, who loves helping people to get the most out of life. But other than that, here are some other things about me…

I live in Australia with my wife and our two kids, on our suburban farm not far from Melbourne. I live a simple but full life, and I love spending quality time with family and friends.

In my spare time, I also enjoy anything to do with being outdoors, including travelling; animals, arts and crafts, camping, bushwalking, anything to do with water. I’m also a foodie at heart and enjoy growing and cooking my own food too.

My Qualifications:

  • I have a Bachelor in Exercise Science and am accredited Exercise Scientist with Exercise & Sports Sciences Australia 
  • I am a certified Personal Trainer and Level 1 Pilates Instructor and member of the Australian Fitness Network and Physical Activity Australia.
  • I am a certified and registered Wellness Coach with Wellness Coaching Australia.
  • I am a self-awareness/mindfulness teacher and yoga teacher with Yoga Fit Australia.
  • I am the creator of Holistic 360 (H360) - a membership based holistic health and lifestyle solution for living your healthiest and happiest life. 
  • I am the Director of H360 Health Club - a coaching company focusing on the health of the whole person.
  • I have written a popular weight loss book as well as articles for some magazines. I have also spoken at many events and on radio as a health educator.
  • I have completed many courses in all aspects of health and wellbeing as part of my professional practice registration over 20 years of health education.

I have helped many of people of all ages, live healthier and happier lives by helping them to restore balance. I have also worked with some corporations doing the same.

Please feel free to interact and post comments – and I look forward to interacting with you!